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Portrait instead of landscape.

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Can this Booklet Creator make a booklet that folds the long way, portrait instead of landscape?

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Yes. It seems that this product has the ability to create booklets that can be folded on portrait and landscape. However, the developer names the portrait folding the calendar mode. This option is available on the main screen of the application.

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In my version of FOXIT (, if booklet is selected in PDF Booklet Creator and portrait is selected in FOXIT, The front and back sheets overlap horizontally. Newer versions of FOXIT could behave differently.

This worked for me:

Click Pages, Select Odd pages only, Reverse pages, Custom Scale, Page Zoom 75, Auto Rotate, Auto Center. Select OK to print.

To avoid confusion, hand draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the top printed page. Flip the stack end for end. If you had X-RAY vision the line would be at the top now. Place the stack in your printer hopper this way. The line will be invisible, and at the top.

For the other sides: Select Even pages only, and keep all the other options the same. Select OK to print.

By following this method, the printout comes out perfectly. A good idea is to print a 4 page PDF file first as a test before printing a large document.

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