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0800-098-8906 Yahoo Phone number for UK

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0800-098-8906 is the yahoo phone support number for UK?

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yes i just rang it, i rang as i have not been able to log into my yahoo account for months. i know what my Log in name is but i dont know my password and my alternate email account is also not accessible. i rang the number and i was told to i will receive a call back from a technician in 10 mins.....lets see what happens. i have to log into this account some how so that i access my flight details. After 25 mins, i received a call from a technician asking me security questions which he also had some correct answers for. He explaind that someone in Russia has compromised my acount and is using it. he explaind that in order for this issue to be resolved it will cost me 49.00 pounds! i explaind i dont have that kind of cash. he then asked me what can i afford. I said about 5 pounds as i am not well enough to work so i am unemployed. he laughd and said okay let me talk to the senior technician... and then he went on to ask further security questions. and then said that he will ring me back...asking if i have a cell number just incase this line is busy i said this line will not be busy... so now im waiting by the phone for another call
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this....its all new to me and seems a bit wrong...ill try to keep posing further development. all i want is to get into my account. Ive learned a lesson here that is to WRITE DOW YOUR PASS WORDS!!!

i have recived another call, asking me for the road which i grew up on, the man said this is not correct, please can u provide me with any other guesses i continued to wrack my brains and give answers that may fit but no none of them workd. he told me he was calling from Kashmir the disputed territories on the indian side...after he realised from my name that i have pakistani heritage...
he than said i will call you back when i have investigated this case further.... this get more and more confusing...
i know its not the end of the world if i dont get into my account and i hope that the airline might be able to resend my flight details to another email account...this is strange but as yet i hope that they will be able to help me use my account again...
ill post as i find out more... this all began at about 6 15 pm on sunday the 8th of jun 2014.

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