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I lost the palette color in CorelDraw x6. How can I restore it?

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My CorelDraw x6, doesn't have a palette color when I select Fountain Fill tool, and click "Custom" option. I remember there was a palette color to choose, but now I don't see it. When I want to choose color mid (3rd,4th,5th,... ) I must click "Other" button.

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To restore the color palette, simply go to Window menu and reset the color palettes for all the tools that use it. You can also define a new one from the last entry in Window menu.

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thankyou so much ... but i can't do it ..i don't know how can i do...sorry. can you tell me detail you know. i try to description : i want to gradient fill for a circle(more than 3 color) ... i draw circle then typing F11 and click on "custom" ...but i don't see the color palettes in there(zone in font of "other" button) so if i want to change color(add 3th 4th 5th....color) i must to click on "other" button to choose color (i can't choose direct it in there, now the color palettes are blank zone,empty..i want to see it again)plz show me somthing ..Thanks again
p/s : sorry about my english skills

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