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I have a ZTE Solar and I need help.

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I have a ZTE Solar. I pay for unlimited data every month. Why do I always have to delete apps because it says that the storage space is running out? Also my phone hardly ever works. I can be in my house and on the phone and it works, but the next second it stops working. What is the problem?

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You have problems with your phone because there is not enough space available. It can happen because of multiple reasons. You've installed multiple applications and since most of them run based on services, it will hog the memory and the phone will work slowly. Go to Settings > Applications manager and uninstall all the applications you don't need. If you find it difficult, perform a factory reset from Settings > Privacy and delete all of them including the settings.

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put a 32gb sd card in, change storage to external sd, than moove all apps to the sd card

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