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How do I get Motlauncher to turn off?

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How do I get Motlauncher to turn off?

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This is an embedded application that is contained in Motorola devices. It's based on Android operating system. To turn it off temporary, go to Settings > Applications Manager > MotLauncher and tap on Stop. This will work temporary because when the device will be restarted, the app will start again. However, if you have a rooted phone, install a file manager from Google Play then go to /data/app and delete the APK file.

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Sean Hill answer doesn't work. I went into apps and force stopped MotLauncher and 1 second later it tells me 'motlauncher failed' with only the option to press OK. Press OK and message pops up again. And only way to get rid of that is to shut off the phone and turn it back on. I've looked into rooting my droid mini but there isn't yet a solution to root android 4.4

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