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Plotting rivers from contours.

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I am looking for software that can plot river/stream positions from contours. We are not hydraulic engineers, but we do have some large areas for which we have to provide topographic mapping, using photogrammetry. Part of this is the capture of all streams and rivers; we would of course need to check the existence all the drainage features, but having the plotting automated would save us a considerable amount of time. The mapping is at 1:50,000, and we will have 3D contours covering these areas. Could you advise me if you think your software might be able to plot potential rivers and streams from these contours?

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You will have to use the online tutorials and information related to this procedure. I have seen that users have different proprietary applications that might help them with this procedure. Most likely, you'll need an application that was designed especially for this operation. I recommend consulting Google Search then simply visit the websites listed through the linked search. Start with the first link from Mathworks.

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