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How to transfer contacts from PC to mobile?

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I have full list of contacts transferred from my old mobile. Now I want to transfer these contacts to my new Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile. How this can be done?

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 supports address books in VCF and CSV file format. On the old phone, you need to use its corresponding PC Suite application to export the contacts to one of these formats. Then you should install Kies, connect the phone and import the contacts using the built-in Contacts tool.

Contrary, you might need to manually add the contacts one by one if there isn no export function available on the old phone.

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It will rely on gmail to transfer contacts from computer to Samsung Galaxy S4. Just import your vcf file into your Gmail Account, and then do a setting on your Samsung Galaxy S4, your contacts will automatically sync from your gmail account.
This is the easiest way, I think.

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I use Syncios Data Transfer which can restore my backed up files from my PC to my any desired phone.

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You can use a data device manager, this android sync manager can be helpful,

you can Transfer Contacts from PC/Mac to Samsung, and you can also back up text messages,

contacts, photos and other data from your phone to pc, this tool supports most android phones.

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In this situation, you don't need to learn difficult guides, just read the follow steps to get the way.
How to transfer contacts from PC to Samsung-Samsung assistant tool.
1. Use a Samsung data assistant tool to help you.
2. Link your phone with computer via USB cable.
3. Select the wanted contacts, click "Import"option, and the contacts can be trasnferred from PC to mobile directly.

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I think it's not easy to transfer contacts from pc to mobile phone, here we need to ask help from a pro mobile data manager tool. After connecting the mobile phone to computer via usb cable, open the program. Then you can easily import conatcts from computer to mobile phone.

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