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What is Start_MySearchDial_com? I need help.

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I got this somehow and my antivirus program won't detect anything but I do suffer from some strange issues. I want to remove this from my computer, and now I worry about my information security because I got some confidential work.

Is there anyone who knows how to remove

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To remove the add-on, download the Combofix package through the application's page on Software Informer and perform a scan of your computer. During the scan, the computer might restart and the Internet will be turned off. This is to ensure the scan is performed with all the ports closed to prevent other infection.

At the end of the installation, Combofix will show a log in a text file with the items analyzed, deleted and quarantined.

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You can try the manual removal as well. You need to uninstall related programs from control panel and then clean the leftovers of can access to registry editor and delete the entries related to I don't know what browser you are using, but you can refer to QiSupport's removal to reset your browser.

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