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Why Downloader.AUO keeps popping-up on my Internet Explorer? How can I remove it?

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For some reason, the Downloader.AUO always pops-up on my web browser, I am using Internet Explorer. It stops me from accessing any searches. And a lot of unsolicited pop-up ads annoys me. I need help, how to remove Downloader.AUO?

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Try running AdwCleaner to get rid of the annoying pop ups or adds installed in your browser. The application is very efficient when it comes to add-on removal. Download and run the application then perform a scan and uncheck the items you want to keep then reboot the computer and Downloader.AUO will be removed from your computer.

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You can either try removing it using the manual removal method or use a powerful malware removal tool, such asMalwarebytes Anti-Malware.

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