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Getting past unknown router.

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My system consists of a PC connected to a router which is linked to a retirement village Internet system, which I assume is a router for all units in the village, 180 overall, which then links to the providers ISP for connection to the net. The second router shows up as on the PF Router detector program. I am trying to open my port to a site in England for connection off my Vuze program in a two way manner. I am constantly being advised that the port I have programmed router 1 to is not open. Is there a way around this and will PF Config get past this issue?

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You need to connect for each routers and manually open ports for every situation. For example, if you are behind 3 routers follow the guide below:

Router 1 - main router (connected to Internet)
Public IP:
Local IP :

Router 2 - extendable router (connected to router 1 through WAN port)
Public IP:
Local IP :

Router 3 - extendable router (connected to router 2 through WAN port)
Public IP:
Local IP :

Computer (tied to router 3)
Local IP:

Let's say you need to open port 1234 on computer. You need to access each router and forward the ports on all routers to each Public IP. To be able to access Internet with public IP forward the port on each router in this way: > > (

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