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Playground SDK 5.0.12 for Mac

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I need Playground SDK 5.0.12 for my Mac computer. I have this version for Windows, but I need a Mac version. Can you help?

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You can't acquire Playground SDK anymore because it has been discontinued by PlayFirst. However, you can try installing your Windows version on your computer using CrossOver. CrossOver is a utility developed by CodeWeavers that allows you to install and run Windows programs on a Mac without requiring a Windows OS license. In addition, you can use Boot Camp which lets you install Windows on a separate partition of your hard drive.

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I'm sorry, I donĀ“t remember if I asked the question this way, or it's edited wrong. My question is if someone know where I could find MAC version of Playground SDK, ver 5, for download. I know that Playfirst cut the support for that SDK, but maybe someone have it on their computer and is willing to help. Playground up to version 5 is open source. Thanks for the answer Dan, but I think that your solution won't help, because question isn't about running some program on different OS. I need to compile my program with Playground SDK for MAC, and I could do that only with MAC version of SDK, so any emulator won't do in this case, because I'll end up again with Win version of my program, only compiled through emulator on MAC OS, that won't work standalone on MAC OS.

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