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Update LN6 table from C#.

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I am trying to update tdpur401 table and everything seem working fine, return value is showing 1, but it's not updating the actual table. Can anyone tell what I am doing wrong?

Here is my code:

string session = "\"tdpur4100m900\"";
            string dll = "ottstpapihand";
            BWObject.Timeout = 60;

            BWObject.ParseExecFunction(dll, string.Format("stpapi.put.field(" + session + ",\"tdpur045.orno\",\"410000124\")"));
            BWObject.ParseExecFunction(dll, string.Format("stpapi.put.field(" + session + ",\"tdpur045.pono\",\"10\")"));
            BWObject.ParseExecFunction("ottstpapihand", string.Format("stpapi.put.field(" + session + ",\"tdpur401.sqnb\",\"1\")"));
            BWObject.ParseExecFunction(dll, string.Format("stpapi.find(" + session + ")"));
            BWObject.ParseExecFunction(dll, string.Format("stpapi.put.field(" + session + ",\"tdpur401.qoor\",\"555\")"));
            BWObject.ParseExecFunction(dll, string.Format("stpapi.update(" + session + ",1,\"\")"));
            BWObject.ParseExecFunction(dll, string.Format("" + session + ",\"\")"));
            BWObject.ParseExecFunction(dll, string.Format("stpapi.end.session(" + session + ")"));

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You will have to use Google Search to obtain information about this procedure, because there is no exact fix for it. I have seen part of sample codes on various websites listed through websites on Google Search. Additionally, use the manual for the Baan ERP to learn more about the available procedures within the software.

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