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What are all the badges that you can earn on Answers Informer?

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I just seem to be inquisitive. Does anyone here has every single badge?

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Do you know I only have four privileges, what do you do to have more like you...Thanks...I'm referring to Robert.
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Keep those answers coming through...Vote, comment and more answers!!

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Here is the hidden badges page

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If you want to check for all the badges, access the Users on the page's menu then click on each user. Most of the badges will be listed. Usually, the top users have most of the badges that can be achieved. If you want to know how to meet the qualifications for a badge, just hover one badge with your mouse and the description will appear.

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Thanks, Robert, I really appreciate your answer. I need to explore this website more. I have only been a user for three weeks. :D
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I have got a bit more familiar with this website but I'm still learning...

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