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How can I vote for answers or questions on this site?

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You can...

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After you have registered, you would be required to achieve some points in order to vote, as the site allows users who have 200+ points to vote. So till the time, you have 200+ points, you might not be able to vote.

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In order to vote for answers and questions on this website you need to Register and get an account first and then click on a questions and if you want to add +1 or -1 to a question or an answer simply click the up or down arrows next to the question.

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You must get an account...if you have one...obviously! Then, there are two arrows one to vote up and one to vote down. If you have voted you cannot vote again. If you click on something you already voted, you can change what side you vote on or redo your vote and just leave it. Remember, you can't vote for yourself, that would be weird, like you know. BTW, good luck :D

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