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Print algorithm for Lexmark MS810 Laser Printer.

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I need a print algorithm suitable for certification with the FBI. We have a program that prints out FBI fingerprint cards. We need the algorithm as a part of the software and the quality of the print should meet the FBI standards. While we are using a Lexmark MS810 laser printer which is FBI certified for printing the cards, and Lexmark has given us the appropriate settings on the printer, we still need an algorithm within the software that will generate the quality outlined by the FBI. Can you help?

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If you're using the software provided by Lexmark, you will need to contact the company, because there isn't a printing algorithm to generate the quality outlined by FBI. You can get in touch with Lexmark using the Contact page. Also, you can try programs like AccuPrint or CardPrint API Toolkit. These software are FBI-Certified.

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