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Wireless 5530 HSPA card driver information.

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I have a Dell E6420 with Windows 7 64-bit.

I have installed a wireless 5530 HSPA mobile minicard. Now I can't find drivers for it. I have downloaded R242754, R251154, R251276 and they all say: "Authentication failed. This card cannot be installed on this computer. Contact Dell Support".

Is it a 32/64 bit problem? R251276 is supposed to be for E6420 64-bit.

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You probably downloaded the wrong drivers for your module. According to its compatibility list, the HSPA mini card isn't compatible with your Dell. The closest compatible device is E6400 but it should work since they are from the same series. You can download the correct driver for Windows 7 64-bit and then install it. Make sure to remove the previously installed one.

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