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Cash book receipts aren't updated.

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We are using Pastel Xpress version 11.3.1 (single company) and are battling with what it seems like a corruption in our package. We have 2 cash books i.e. main bank account & petty cash and what has been happening regularly, but not each time, is that the receipts are not pulled through throwing out the ending /opening balances.
Up until today, it has only done this in the petty cash book, but today it also happened in the main bank account cash book. What can we do regarding this issue?

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The behavior that you encounter could be caused by a corrupted package or by an internal error of the application. In this matter, I suggest you perform a clean installation of the product. Before you do this, make sure that you completely uninstalled the application from your computer and backed up your data. If this method isn't helping you overcome the strange behavior, try to update the program's version to the latest one (version 12). In the newer versions, errors are getting fixed and compatibility enhanced.

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