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Backup app not working on new Android upgrade.

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I was using Android old version and I updated my Android version (similar to factory reset). I got the new version of Android. I knew that there won't be any data after factory reset or upgrade so I took backup using some apps and saved it on the SD card but the problem is now the new version of Android installed does not support the backup file. Please help me because I have lost many SMS messages.

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Since that backup is only recognized by your phone you will need to downgrade the phone and then use the backup. After the phone downgrade, use the backup then export it in another format to read it later. For this operation you might need to get instructions from 3rd party developers on XDA Forums because there is no other way to do this.

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but how do i downgrade?.. and sorry mr robert i didnt get you why u suggested me 3rd party for wat operation,, thanks for the reply,,,
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Since you didn't mentioned about the phone model, XDA forums contains a large number of users and developers (5,575,771 Members) that are focused on Android development, flashing, upgrading, etc. It's the only place on the Internet where you could get help regarding phone downgrade and flashing.

As you have said, the backup is not recognizable on the newly updated version. This means that you will actually need to downgrade to the previous version of the Android. And this can only be achieved using custom tools that have the capability of flashing another version of the Android OS. On another hand, 3rd party developers are actually independent developers (regular people with developer skills) that have created tools to easily restore Android to a previous version since official companies don't offer these tools to end-users.
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You can try Syncios Data Transfer, a powerful Android backup tool which can help you backup and restore all your messages, apps, contacts, video, notes, photos, call logs and other data from your android phone.

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