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Pop-ups appear on the screen.

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There is a pop-up from bottom line (menu-bar) even though I didn't click it to appear. It just appears automatically and shows up on the screen. Why it is that?

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This sound to be an adware problem. Adware can cause constant advertisement pop-ups. And you can't disable it with the help of antivirus programs usually. You can try to uninstall the adware either manually or by using au-to removal toolkit. First of all, I bet you can check over the ads and see if they have common titles such as ads by ***, supported by *** and generated by ***. This can somehow tell you the name of the adware. You can recall when the problem began and if you ever installed some suspicious program, I would suggest you remove the pro as well in case the adware makes a comeback. Heres a guiding blog on such problem. Good luck to ya. (

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The pop-up that appears in the ArcSoft products might be related to the update availability. You should either dismiss them or perform the update. Secondly, access the settings menu and disable automatic update check. This setting will deny the check for the updates for the installed application. It has nothing to do with ads or malware.

Type of notifications you might encounter:

  • update checks
  • registration reminder
  • restart required
  • file corruption
  • process completion

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