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Although all programs are closed, every time I open my computer I am asked to update ArcSoft. I want it off from my computer.

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How can I disable all ArcSoft pop-ups on my computer? It doesn't respond to nothing I have tried. It will not uninstall though.

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Just turn off the user rights from the settings tab on the software. There is a certain check box, stating "AUTO-UPDATE". Just uncheck that. Even if that does not work, go to programme management, & stop startup programme, & delete the entry from the registry.

Simplere even, if you have TuneUp or CCleaner installed, just disable or delet the event from startup programmes.

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Those pop-ups are from the applications installed in your computer. It is advised to contact the support team basing on the product you have installed. Also you can't uninstall them as these pop-ups are bundled into the programs used. This solution was recommended by forum users who encountered this annoying issues, as well.

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