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An error was received while we were trying to move the database.

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We want to change the SQLServer and the server for installation. Is there a standard procedure for this? On the new server, the software is imported, but when we import the database, we get the following error : "Error 9002 when updating the database to version 706". What can we do?

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Try to perform a fresh installation of the software on the new server. By importing it, it's possible to encounter compatibility issues. The 9002 error that you encounter is caused by a full transaction log. To fix this, you can try to free space on the disk by moving or deleting other files. For additional information, check the following troubleshooting page.

To move a database, you can use several options depending on how you want to do this (offline or online). If you plan on do this offline, you can detach the database from the current server and then attach it to the new one. For more information about this, visit the following page. If you want to transfer the database online, you can use the SQL Server Management Studio. To do this, select the database in the source server in SSMS, right click > Tasks > Copy Database Wizard > enter the source and the destination, click next and choose to schedule the transfer or do it immediately.

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