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HotSpot Shield is sending huge amounts of data to the Internet.

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Open VPN is uploading from time to time huge amounts of data from my computer to the Internet. A program on my PC that I have installed long ago and that I trust to control my broadband usage, has identified Open VPN as the program that is uploading the data. The downloads are really not unusual. Why is this happening?

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It's possible that the program is sending from time to time a feedback to its developer about its functionality. In order to be sure about this thing, you should read again the Terms that you agreed on when you installed the program or contact the developer. If this thing isn't mentioned in the Terms, I advised you to uninstall the program. If this is happening and you can't obtain a good reason for this, it's possible that this could harm your computer. To be noticed that the program appears to be safe according to several security websites (website 1, website 2)

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