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Back up to external hard drive.

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I have ProVenture Invoices. I need to back up my customer list to an external hard drive, because I want to reinstall Windows 7 and I don't know if reinstalling Windows 7 will make me lose everything from the Invoice program. I've tried doing this, but seems I can only do one customer at a time. I've never reinstalled an OS before so I don't know what happens to everything on a hard drive. I think your hard drive gets wiped clean so I've stalled this reinstall for this reason.

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An OS reinstall requires the complete wipe of the partition where Windows is going to be installed. This means that if you have the files stored on that partition, they will be deleted. My advice is to backup the files from the system partition and application and then reinstall Windows. If you say there is the possibility to backup one customer at a time, the process might be tedious, but at least you will have the data backed up safe.

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