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Block the icc website (for a while).

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What is the URL that Blitzin uses to connect with ICC? I want to temporarily block my ICC usage (it's too addictive, sometimes!). I use the stayfocusd Chrome extension, but when I block "" , I still can log in using Blitzin.

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If you want to block the URL, simply add the application to the Firewall and tick the 80 port. The application will still connect to the server but HTTP connection will be blocked. This is the simple way to achieve this. You can find the settings of the Firewall in the Control Panel.

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Two ways to simply block sites, one way is to block by editing the host files, another is to block by install third party website filtering software like Aobo Filter.

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It does not matter if you do not know the specific url. Just like Mashia mentioned, you can also use a professional filtering program like Aobo Filter for PC to help you block the site via keyword.

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