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Audio conversion software informtion.

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I need to record and playback the sound of a diesel engine starting and running for about a half hour. I purchased a SDcard recording module (WTRO10-SD) and a 4GB Memory Card. The Recording Module uses standard WAV file. The software needed to record and playback is supposed to do audio conversion software like "DoubleChannel, Golgwas, CoolEdit". The SD card is to be formatted FAT16; which I have already done on my Windows 7 computer; and support mono playing mode "AD$(ADPCM), WAV(ADPPCM0 audio format.

How do I get started downloading the correct software and formatting the SD memory card with the right file fupport?

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It's recommended to use any of the applications listed above, but DoubleChannel is the correct one. Unfortunately, there is no information about software's whereabouts. The same thing applies to Golgwas and CoolEdit as well. You need to format the SDcard to FAT16 (FAT) and then connect the sound module to your computer through the LINE IN input. You can use Audacity to record the sound. Download and install, press Record, choose the INPUT device and that's it.

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