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Google Play stops downloading when the display is turned off (sleep mode).

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I use MotoG 16 Gb variant, which runs on Android 4.4.2. When I download any apps in the Play Store, it starts to download but when the phone display turns off, it enters in sleep mode, the download is stopped (progress bar in the notification bar disappears). Even if I unlock the phone, there is no progress. When I try to disable the mobile data and enable it again, the download continues from where it stopped.

Has anyone faced this issue? What is the solution for this?

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I think you are using a battery saving app which makes your device sleep, blocking the data connection. I recommend to remove such apps from your phone then you get your problem solved.

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Go to Settings > WiFi and press the menu button. Tap on Advanced and then tap on Keep WiFi on during sleep. Select Always and you will not lose the connection anymore.

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