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Printing weather info.

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How do I print out weather info?

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The first thing you can try is Ctrl + P combination. It will launch the default printing feature (if it's there). Secondly, look for the Export function. Go to File > Export. If it still doesn't work this way, then install a desktop capture application from the database of Software Informer and select only the area you want it captured. Open the image file, press Ctrl + P again and you should have the possibility to print it.

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The first thing you should look for is a Print button. It's usually found in the File menu (only for when you have a menu bar). In case there is no menubar available within the software, press Windows key then type Snipping Tool. Click on new and drag a selection across the weather region. Save the file as an image and then open it with your favorite image viewer. Go to File > Print and that's it.

Snipping tool looks like this:

enter image description here

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