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Smoothsync for iCloud on Android device.

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Our company uses Outlook Exchange as our email platform. All of that has worked great with our company's PCs, and our cell phones have always supported the Exchange server.

However, we have been replacing our PCs with MacBooks. We continue to use Outlook and it seems to work just fine. For example, if we add calendar event on Outlook on the Macbook, it syncs wonderfully with my Android phone.

The problem come when (1) I add calendar events directly to my Android phone, or (2) when my wife sends me iCal invites from her iPhone or MacBook. These two types of events only show up on my phone, but do not sync to my Outlook on my MacBook.

I installed Smoothsync and it solved the problem. But it will work for few days, and then randomly a setting changes and those two types of calendar events disappear. The Smoothsync work-around is not solving the problem. Any ideas on why a setting changes? Or am I overlooking an easy setting on the phone or the MacBook?

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There is a issue with the Android 4.4 and Android 4.1. Because of that the accounts you set up in SmoothSync disappear. This bug affect the synchronization from Android to MacBook. The developers insist on installing this application, then re-install SmoothSync and the calendar and any other events you receive should sync normally.

Install the app:

If you want to install it on your phone, open Google Play and install the following app: "JB Workaround Cloud Calendar"

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