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App sync on Windows in Bluestacks.

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I've downloaded Bluestacks(beta-1) and installed it. Then I downloaded Clash of Clans (for example), and it can't load the progress I made on my phone and it wants me to start from the beginning, although I signed in with my Google account and synced for apps and contact. How can I restore the progress I made on my phone?

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The progress on Bluestacks should be restored as necessary. The first thing to do is to access the Settings. Go to Settings > Accounts. Make sure that everything is checked for the account, including Google+. If you don't have Google+ installed, go to Play Store and install it. Secondly, start the game, go to Settings and click on Google+. Connect to Google+ and Link your device. The game should ask you to restore your base. Click Yes then restart the game.

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