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Adjusting the speed of tilting.

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I am playing this game called I Love Coffee. There is a section in the game where you have to pour a certain amount of milk to pass a test, which the amount of milk poured is adjusted from how much you tilt your device. I understand that I can set a default key under InputMapper to tilt the devide, such as "X = Tilt Absolute (-45,0) Return". However, this results in pouring the milk too slow (0.01 Litres in 1 second), when you are actually expected to pour about 20 Litres in 5 seconds. Is there a way that I can adjust the speed in this case?

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In this case, the speed which the milk is poured, is determined by how much is the device tilted. You could try to change the value of the angle that you previously set and see what is happening. You can't change the value of a game parameter with a feature from Bluestacks.

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