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How do I remove this so people can't spy on me?

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How do I remove this so people can't spy on me?

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This isn't a spy application. Contrary, it's an anti-spy counter measure to detect applications that may spy on your and are installed in your phone. You can remove it from Settings > Applications manager.

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The best way to remove keyloggers is to make use of software that work in many ways to get rid of this hidden software such as micro keylogger. It is quite easy to run software to remove keylogger. In order to make the most out of the software, it is imperative to run it at least once in a week. This is a must to keep a Trojan, like keylogger, at bay and to protect your data and necessary information from hackers. However, prior downloading any removal software makes sure you are shopping it from a reputed and authorized site. Else others can refill it with unwanted viruses, instead of cleaning it.

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You can reset the device to factory settings to get rid of any spy app like iKeyMonitor even if it is invisible. To protect your device in the future, I suggest you set a lock-pass to avoid easy access.

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