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Batch tool to combine TIFF files.

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We are looking for a tool that will combine the individual pages of TIFF documents into the appropriate multiple page TIFF documents. These documents are organized in a directory structure so that all of the documents in one directory should be combined into one. Each directory can contain one to many documents. In most cases there will be thousands of such directories involved. This needs to be done in a batch mode.

For example, we would need to point the tool to a directory and the tool should navigate it and all of its subdirectories and combine all of the pages in the first subdirectory into one document, placing that document in another directory. That should be repeated for each subdirectory, resulting in one document for each subdirectory.

Do any of the tools here have that capability?

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Yes, there is an application called TIFF Combiner. You can download a copy of the software through the application's page at Software Informer. Access the page, then click on the big green download button. Wait a few seconds and the download will start automatically.

Note that it's a shareware application that requires purchasing for full features. I have checked and the software supports searching through documents as well.

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