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Summit and FlowJo for FACS analysis.

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We are currently using a Beckman Coulter Cyan machine for flow cytometry analysis with Summit 4.3.01 as acquisition software. To analyze the data, we recently switched from FlowJo version for PC to FlowJo 10.0.7 for Mac and we are facing several problems. The first main problem is that bi exponential visualisation is impossible and the second main is that if we want to reopen a previously saved analysis all of a sudden few parameters, markers and even gates disappear from the analysis and we have to reanalyze everything from the beginning. Moreover the FlowJo is crashing continuously during analysis, especially if the files are big. The Mac computers we use are brand new and we just updated FlowJo software, so I don't think it is a computer problem. I was wondering if this could be an incompatibility issue between Summit and FlowJo for Mac, since the version for PC was working fine (but extremely slow with big files).

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Since this process requires extensive knowledge, I recommend checking the Documentation page setup for FlowJo. Access the page and it will lead you directly to the part where FlowJO is used with Beckman Coulter files. On the left menu of the website you will have the possibility to go through the known problems and guides for the application.

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