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Downloadable file of the software SIBTEST

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I found the site of the software SIBTEST developed by UIUC, which is for DIF analysis. However, at the site, I couldn't find the file to download. Any help is appreciated!

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Download this package:

unzip it

locate DIF>DIF>Regular DIFPACK>sibtest

The DIF-Pack includes both source code and executable code for SIBTEST, POLY-SIBTEST, and Crossing SIBTEST.

Additional info here:

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Hi Paul,
Thank you for your reply. I downloaded the files successfully, yet ran into an encryption problem when installing the DIF-Pack software from the Source-Forge site (the name of the zip file is DIF). Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Specifically, when unzipping the file, I got an encryption-loss warning message saying "do you want to copy the folder without encryption?". After I clicked "OK" and proceeded, a message said that the program was successfully installed. However, I couldn't launch the program, and got the following warning message: "Component GRID32.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: A file is missing or invalid."

I tried to install the software using two different computers running Windows, but had no luck solving the problem.

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The grid32.ocx error is probably caused by the fact that the program is old and you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Try this please: select the .exe file that you used to launch the program (before the GRID32.OCX occurs), right click on the file and select properties from the drop down menu. Look for the compatibility tab, under compatibility mode check run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows XP Service Pack 3. Further down on the page check the box "run this program as administrator". Click on change settings for all users if multiple people will run this program using different logins and click on OK at the bottom.

Hope this works, if it doesn't, then please let me know. Regards.
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Hi Paul,
Thank you so much for your reply. I followed your advice, and it works! I went through the manual, and a few introductory power point slides, included in the package. I was hoping to find examples to make sure my use (and interpretation) of the program and its output is correct. I noticed that there are some data files in the "Example" folder, but didn't find any document using these example data files in the package. I'm searching learning resources online, and would appreciate any further suggestion on this matter.   

Thanks again for your kind help.

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