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Moving music from Toshiba Media Player to Windows Media Player.

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My music is all on Toshiba Media Player. Is there a way to move it all to Windows Media Player without having to rip all the music again?

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You don't need to rip the music again. If you can play it on Toshiba Media Player, it means that it is already on your computer. Since, you can't transfer it directly from the Toshiba utility to Windows Media Player, right-click the file on the Toshiba software and check if you can find its location using the displayed options. If you can't find the location, go to Start, type the name of the song in the search engine, right-click the file and select Open file location:

enter image description here

Once you find the music directory, open Windows Media Player, press Ctrl + O key combination, navigate to the music location and open the files.

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