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I downloaded the trial version last month, however, my system crashed. I sort of overloaded it with videos, and the 3D was the last straw, I suppose. My questions are: Now that the hard drive's been reformatted, I am running Windows XP SP2, 2GB RAM, 1.8 Ghz and have 65 GB free (85%). Will that be sufficient to handle working with a 25MB book? How much larger is the final 3D file likely to be approx.? Can the end result be uploaded to Kindle for readers and can they preview it without first downloading the app? Would I use my reduced .jpg images (500x600) or go back to my printed book big .jpg files (3MB)? Any reason why it is sort of promoted more as a magazine software than a book software? If I purchase the $500 pack, I'm assuming the next version, i.e. 7.0 be another $500, and just the in between 6.2-6.9 updates be free? You're wonderful if you can provide me with any assistance.

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It's not specified the output file size, but the space you already have is more than enough to save and export the contents of the book. However, there are tutorials on the official website that explain exact how to create the file and how to upload it to your Kindle. Before paying that much, read the tutorials to see if it's really worth it.

Official website:

P.S: For a 25MB input file, I believe the output will range from 25-40 MB. It depends entirely on the image resolutions used in the file.

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