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A message appears saying "Downloading necessary components" while there's no actual downloading

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I downloaded the latest version of Software Informer. After the installation, a blue window appeared with the caption "Downloading necessary components". But no downloading is happening. A long time has passed and the window is still open.

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By the way, how long have you been waiting for when you say "long time"?

The reason would also be that due to the slow internet connection and the file size being 15.5 Mb, might be taking time. Please check the answer I gave and let me know. I have the file if you want, and I can mail it to you, if your net is too slow, as downloading from server can be slooooowwww
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If it helped you in any way, would request you to vote for my answer, and let me know. Thanks.. :)

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Thanks Sir,

I think my office Network Administrator blocks it.
Our Office Network is quite speedy.

if u mail it to me at:

thanks again.

Shahzad Munir.

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The file cannot be mailed, as it is an executable file, and in no way can be attached. Also, you can just get the file every time, as it keeps on adding the version components, so no use keeping the old one.

The new version will have some added components.

You can try downloading the file at someone's place and can keep it from there.
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There are 3 things I can say you need to do.

  1. Check if the internet connection that you have has a good speed, since the new SI Client requires a speedy network. If not, then it will stay like that for ages and might not get downloaded properly
  2. Check if the files that it is showing as downloading are showing in the temporary folder. The path to the folder for XP is: C:\DOCUMENTS & SETTINGS\Owner\LOCALS SETTINGS\Temp. The owner is the name of the computer admin. Here there will be a file .exe which will keep on changing the size if you refresh it. The file size is 15.5 MB (16,307,744 bytes) for the latest 1.3.1031 version.
  3. You can save this component file and install it from that file.

There is no flash solution, as the latest version runs on a power flash boat.

Hope this helps.

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I would advise you take another approach to the problem. Firstly, download the new version of the software from its page. Secondly, go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > Lan. Make sure you disable any proxies you might have set up. Install the package and observe the behavior. Secondly, use a VPN solution, install it and then run the setup package and the client will install normally.

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