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Upgrade information.

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I purchased JewelCAD when they used dongles. I paid $5000 AU and took lessons and shelved it. I couldn't get past the feeling the developers adding new ideas, would write a completely new function separate to and not complimentary to the existing function. I found the learning curve huge. And 10 years on, I'm thinking of taking it out and I wonder:

  1. Is there a cost to upgrade?
  2. Does the JewelCAD render more Organic Shapes and Finishes?
  3. Is it easier to use?

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The application received its latest update somewhere in February - March 2014. From the time you've bought it, there were many changes implemented in the application, however, you can't update it but purchase it again or contact the developer to establish an upgrading price. The software supports more organic shapes and finishes due to the increase in functionality and features. In terms of usability, there is a manual which explains all the changes and how the new functions work, so yes, if you've used it in the past it should be easier to use now.

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