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The paste process doesn't work properly.

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When I cut the data from 3270 emulator and I paste it to either the emulator or a Word or Notepad document, the format is not correctly displayed. For example, if I cut:

start of line 1                                     
start of line 2                                    
start of line 3   

rows and I want to paste them, it appears:

start of line 1 start of line 2 start of line 3    

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In order to fix the issue, I suggest you upgrade the software to the latest version. I tested PASSPORT PC TO HOST 2011.506 version on my Windows 7 computer and the paste feature works without issues. I can paste the data correctly in the emulator and in Word and Notepad files. In order to cut and paste the rows, I used enter image description here and enter image description here icons. If you still have issues, you can get in touch with the developer using the contact form from the official web page.

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