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Northern Hemisphere Winter 2013/2014 information.

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How does this Winter compare to the winters of 30 plus years ago in respects to 'Global Warming'? I remember when temps dropped well below zero in the northern tier of the United States several times in the early 1980's. There were -30 to -40 degrees F. lows from Montana to Michigan. Today they are getting no more than -20 degrees F. as lows. Are the swathes' of artic air smaller nowadays than they were 30 years ago?

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The climate has been changed over the years due to multiple factors including pollution and global warming. These are the two main factors that caused the temperatures change. The Weather Channel Desktop will give you instant information about weather climate. You can then use the available data to compare it with the past records. However, this discussion is very ample, but the The Weather Channel Desktop application should give you a basic view about how the climate changes.

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