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How to install Media Portal in Dreambox 800se?

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How to install Media Portal in Dreambox 800se?

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To install the Media Portal plug-in in Dreambox, firstly download the IPK and put it in the TMP folder. Log-in to the Dreambox with root username then switch to the /tmp folder with cd /tmp. Use opkg update to refresh the installation packages. Next step involves in using a command that might take a while to install, to prepare the plug-in installation:

opkg install python-compression python-json python-simplejson python-html python-image python-imaging python-mechanize python-mutagen python-robotparser python-shell gst-plugins-bad-rtmp librtmp0 gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-bad-cdxaparse gst-plugins-bad-vcdsrc

After this process, type opkg install enigma*.ipk and wait for installation. Use reboot and that's it.

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