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I want to recover my pictures after a crash.

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My Razor HD Maxx died. When I got the same phone back the pictures in the Vaulty application came back up but the ones in Keepsafe did not. I need to get these back. Is there any way to do this? All I had to do to get my Vaulty pictures back was to reinstall Vaulty, set my password and they were there. I did the same thing on Keepsafe, but I couldn't recover them. What do I have to do to get them back?

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Unfortunately, there is no way to recover your hidden pictures if the application was uninstalled by any reason. According to the support website, you will lose all your pictures/ videos that are hidden when the application is unsintalled because it uses a code to unhide pictures that is automatically and randomly generated when the application is installed. If you reinstall the application, it will generate a different code that can't be used on older items.

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