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Changing album art of MP3 files.

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Can anyone tell me which software can be used to edit/change the album art present in MP3 files that are not copyright-protected?

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You can change the album art of MP3 files in batch modes or using one file at the time using the applications listed on Software Informer. Download any of the listed applications and then you'll have the possibility to change the album art to official covers or using your own images.

You will then need a player which supports album art for the image to be displayed.

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I found these applications useful Thanks!!
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hello there,

i would recommend using "MP3 Tag edit" , it's the easiest and strongest application you can also change all the song's attributes


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Thanks. It helped a bit.
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There is no need of downloading any additional software from any where.
Just go to Windows Media Player and follow this steps:-

  1. open Windows Media Player in your PC.
  2. choose the image you want to put in your song.
  3. right click on the image and press copy.
  4. go back to windows media player and find the song in music library.
  5. right click on the song album and click past album art.
  6. close windows media player and open the song by any other media player like vlc.

Some important points:-

  1. the image you want to put in your song must be square in size.
  2. after changing the original cover image it can not be restored.
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There are a lot of applications and you can find them on the internet :)

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You can use WMP 12, tag scanner, mp3tag, kid3 etc, easily available on internet.

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It is better to use converter software. One such software is any file converter available in It is a freeware too.

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I am not converting into another format.
I just want to change the album art in the same MP3 file itself.

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