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Firewall randomly blocks knuddels. How do I stop this?

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I am using the chat site knuddels (, and usually my computer has no problem logging into the chatrooms. It loads the start-up page, the login boxes appear, but then it says that my firewall blocks the connection. After some time it lets me log in without any problem. But then I get back the next day, and it gives the same error. How do I get this to stop?

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Please open your favorite firewall application and navigate to the settings menu and locate Exceptions list. Access that list and input the website you want to be excluded from filtering (if you know it is ok and does not contain any malware at all). You should add it using this form:


Because the website might have subdomains which could get caught by your firewall, I have added asterisk marks so the firewall should know what to exclude from filtering.

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