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Avast blocks WinRAR installation.

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I recently downloaded the latest version of WinRAR from Software Informer website. While I run the installation setup, Avast Free Anti-virus blocks it and moves it to the quarantine chest. I have also tried adding the program to Avast Exclude list but while scanning/installing the setup it tells that the setup is free from virus. My anti-virus is also up to date. Please help!

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The easiest way to fix this is to remove WinRAR completely from your computer, then obtain a new package from its official website. WinRAR is verified and it's not considered a malware infecting package.

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I tried this one but it is not helpful either.
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This is a false positive since WinRAR is using a file that was previously detected as virus. While the update will fix this issue, try to switch to an alternative. 7Zip is a good one.
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Thanks 7zip is working fine.

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