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PowerLed change LED display with button on control card.

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We are using PowerLed to program a LED display. The application is for city bus window LED display. The LED display shows the bus route or destination so people on the street know where the bus is going. We have programmed the card with the PowerLed software and it works for one destination only. For example "Airport". However we would like to show different bus destination by pressing the small round black button on the control card.
So the city bus driver can change LED display as needed.

For example:
Now displays "Airport",
then press button and display "Downtown"
then press button and display "Market"
then press button and display "Central Station"

How do we program the software so the control card can do this?

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You will have to create multiple programs for the display and then add the necessary elements. I have downloaded and used the software to create a sample for your request. I have added a few locations. Use ADD Program > Add Clock > Add RTF then edit it accordingly to fit the display. Once the configuration is complete, set up the software be switched using the remote control.

enter image description here

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