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Demo license for Deep Exploration.

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I downloaded the Deep Exploration 6.5 trial and under the licence type title, in the specifications section, it's written that the license type is demo. I wonder what is the meaning of the demo license? What is the difference between the full license and the demo one? Is the demo version limited? Or is it limited for a period of time?

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Is this a recent offering?  I was a subscriber to Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration 6.5 until SAP pulled the rug out from under me a couple years ago.  Suddenly I couldn't resubscribe, couldn't reach my contact at Right Hemisphere, and couldn't even get anyone at SAP to answer the phone, or reply to Customer Service emails sent from their own site.  I used DE for both rendering, and for conversion of Maya files to other formats.  If there is a non-trail version, I would like to know about it.

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Usually, a demo version is available for a limited period of time or it has its functionality limited. This is the main difference between a demo version and a full one. The Deep Exploration demo version appears to have its functions limited in the trial version. Check the Help menu inside the program for more information.

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