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WinRar error when opening zip files

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I downloaded WinRAR and followed the steps necessary to get this software to work. However, it worked ONCE out of 3 times and the support at WinRAR is unhelpful. Does anyone know why WinRAR could be inconsistent in opening zip files? I understand that it's my fault but their support staff isn't that good.

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Just Reinstall & disintegrate it with ZIP files, & open the ZIP from WinZip. Also, make sure that the uninstall is completed properly, before reinstalling.

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There are several reasons why WinRar might crash, but this isn't necessary a WinRar bug. This could happen because of your system configuration or the archive files might be broken. Although WinRar supports other formats besides rar, for the zip format you could use WinZip. Reinstalling the application might also do the trick.

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