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I forgot my password and don't remember the security question either.

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I forgot my Yahoo password and I don't remember the security question either. The password helper is not giving the option of receiving the reset link on my mobile or the alternate ID. I have no idea of where it's diverting me to.

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Toll Free Yahoo Customer Service Number 1-888-551-2881 For Your any kind of yahoo account problems

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The first time you try to recover the password, the system will offer you the primary recovery function. For most of the users (with alternate email or phone number), these options are presented in the first place. If you don't get these offers, then you haven't set them in the Edit Profile section, and then the system offers the only possible way to recover the account through security questions. Wrong answers to the security questions will block your account. It's absolutely necessary to know those answers or the account won't be recoverable.

Note: Don't use the number posted around here because it's for Gmail.

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