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Update needed for Memeo Launcher.

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I bought a new computer with Windows 8. My backed up files in Seagate Dashboard are from my previous PC that used Windows Vista. I downloaded an updated version of software for Windows 8 users on my new computer and followed the directions. When I try to open Instant Backup to access my folders I get a message that says "Memeo Launcher cannot be run under this version of Windows." How can I transfer my backed up folders to my new computer?

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This is a known issue and the Seagate developers responded and provided a fix for the error. Basically, you will have to map the local folders using drives and then you should be able make Memeo work.

Official support:

Thank you for contacting Seagate Support. At this time Seagate Dashboard for GoFlex Home is not supported under Windows. You will need to map the shares manually to assign drive letters to them. Once drive letters are assigned then Memeo can work with the drive again.

To map drive letters to the shares in Windows 8, go to the Windows 8 start page. Type in "\goflex_home" and press enter (do not type in the quotes). This should prompt you for a user name and password. Enter your goflex home user name and password. This will open a window showing you the main folders on teh drive. The three you need to map are GoFlex Home Personal, GoFlex Home Public, and GoFlex Home Backup. On each one of those simply right-click and select Map Network Drive, then click finish on the window that opens up.

Once that is done Memeo will be able to see the drive letters and you can have it start a new backup on the Windows 8 computer.

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